Our Services

How we can support you – our services

Support of your export and import operations

Your goal: You are currently considering expanding into Europe, planning to open a branch or a plant in Germany/Europe, or would like to strengthen your trading activities in Europe.

Our services:

  • Searching for suitable sales partners
  • Founding and development of sales organisations
  • Implementation of market and demands analyses
  • Conference support (identification of target conferences, conference management incl. development, marketing, recruitment of conference teams, interpreters, conference training)
  • Development of a sales strategy
  • Support of your marketing operations (by searching for suitable PR agencies)
  • Training sessions on intercultural competence
  • Selection of buildings and property (premises)
  • Client acquisition in Germany
  • Locating a German manufacturer/dealer with exactly the desired products
  • Testing the seriousness of the manufacturer, dealer or client (e.g.: previous business operations)
  • Quality assurance
  • Logistical processing as well as information on customs and tariffs
  • Consideration of legal concerns when purchasing in Germany
  • Avoidance of misunderstandings through trade negotiations by our Chinese employees on-site in Germany

Support of your M&A strategies in Europe

Your goal: You are considering purchasing one or more companies in Europe as part of the strategic orientation of your portfolio.

Our services:

  • Identification of potential acquisitions
  • Contact of the target company/companies and implementation of due diligence
  • Clarification of all legal aspects of the intended purchase
  • Post-merger integration (support of the change management process, coaching of the management)

Support of your turnaround/restructuring projects

Your goal: One of your holdings in Europe is to be fundamentally revamped by means of a turnaround/restructuring project.

Our services:

  • Analysis of the initial situation
  • Development of a turnaround/restructuring plan
  • Ensuring interim management for implementation of the restructuring plan

Support of your operations for product localisation

Your goal: You wish to adapt your products to the regional requirements of new target markets.

Our services:

  • Product workshops: Identification of regional/national customer requirements as well as the resulting optimisation requirements for an existing product and development of appropriate product optimisation methods
  • Technical localisation: finding suitable partners for technical localisation of existing products
  • Tests and certifications: ensuring introduction of the necessary technical tests and certifications in the respective target markets (e.g. CE Test)