About us

KP China Consulting paves the way for your entry into the European market.

7 good reasons to invest in Germany

  • China is Germany's most important trading partner outside the EU
  • Germany is the largest market and the strongest economy in Europe (and the fourth-largest economy in the world)
  • Central location within Europe, global first-class logistics network and Europe's international reloading point
  • Stable consumer climate in the German market and citizens are seeing further upswings in the German economy
  • Healthy social market system, top personnel and a dual pragmatic educational system
  • Attractive support and excellent corporate tax rates
  • Legal framework, security, transparency

As a full service provider, KP China Consulting offers wide-ranging services to companies from the “Greater China” area (PR China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore) that wish to commence business operations in Europe or to optimise existing operations.

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